Name formatting

When posting, you can format the name field to include a name, tripcode , capcode, any combination of the three including leaving the field completely blank. Instead of a blank name, "Anonymous" is used, however this depends on board-specific configuration. The optional components are explained below.


Names should be input like: . Tripcode and capcode are optional components. Please note the whitespace before capcodes is significant.

Valid examples:

  1. name
  2. #tripcode
  3. ##tripcode
  4. ## capcode
  5. name#tripcode
  6. name##tripcode
  7. name## capcode
  8. name#tripcode## capcode
  9. name##tripcode## capcode
  10. #tripcode## capcode
  11. ##tripcode## capcode
  12. ##

The last example is considered a blank capcode and can be used as a shortcut to display your role. Additionally, if a user has multiple aplicable roles (e.g. a board owner, but the user is also global staff) capcodes will default to their lowest role. To show the higher role, you must be explicit and precede any capcode with the role name e.g. ## Global Staff or ## Global Staff capcode

Each component can be used in combination or independently. In a post number 9 would look like:

Hello, world!

The name appears bold in the top left, followed by the tripcode in regular weight with a !! prefix, then the capcode in a different color, bold and with a ## prefix. The colours may vary between themes but are generally distinct from each other


The name is simply what name you want to be shown alongside your post. Other users can post with the same name so there is nothing preventing impersonation. This is not related to your username (for registered users).


A tripcode is a password of sorts, which users can provide in the tripcode component of their name. This tripcode is used in conjunction with a server-known secret to generate a unique* tripcode portion of the name. Long, unique tripcodes can be used as a form of identity. It is important that you keep tripcodes secret if you use them for some form of identity. A compromised tripcode can be used for impersonation and cannot be revoked in any way. Single # before tripcodes will use the traditional (what is now sometimes known as "insecure") tripcode algorithm shared by many imageboard softwares and websites. Double # before tripcodes will use a sha256 hash with server-side secret for a more secure, non-portable tripcode.


A capcode is a component of the name field only available to authenticated users. This includes admins, global staff, board owners and board moderators. If there is no text after the ##, the role will be displayed alone. Leaving a space and putting custom text will be prefixed by the role name. This way, the role is always shown to prevent role impersonation.

Post styling
||spoiler text||spoiler text
(((detected)))((( detected )))
##2d9+3(##2d9+3) Rolled 2 dice with 9 sides and modifier +3 = 10
[Board Rules](https://your.imageboard/a/custompage/rules.html)(staff only)Board Rules
`inline monospace`inline monospace
int main() {...}
int main() {...}
( ・ω・) Let's try that again.
( ・ω・) Let's try that again.
Supported languages for code block syntax highlighting: https://github.com/highlightjs/highlight.js/blob/master/SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES.md. If you do not specify a language, a subset of languages is supported for auto-detection: javascript, typescript, perl, js, c++, c, java, kotlin, php, h, csharp, bash, sh, zsh, python, ruby, css, html, json, golang, rust, aa. If the language is "plain", an unsupported value, or the auto-detect confidence is too low, highlighting is disabled for the code block. If the language is "aa", the font will be adjusted for Japanese Shift JIS art.
What is the file size limit?

Max size of form data per-post is 12.9MB. Because other fields e.g. name, message, etc contribute to this, the maximum size of file uploads will be very slightly smaller than this.

What is the archive/reverse image search link url format?

Put a link with %s where the url of the page/file should go for reverse image search or archive links. For example https://tineye.com/search?url=%s.