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This board was created with the idea of Homestuck General in mind, which is pretending to be about Homestuck. It is remnants of 4chan /co/'s Homestuck General, which was 90% shitposting and 10% on topic until moderators shut it down in 2014. It later moved to 8chan after a temporary stay on [s4s] and ipgd's dumbgarbage but after its shut down in 2019, it was decided it would be best if the community subsided on its own website indefinitely.

If you're looking for actual discussion about the webcomic Homestuck, you're better off finding a thread on 4chan's /co/ board, or elsewhere. You're welcome to try here but you aren't very likely to get a good discussion going, this is more a dwindling group of people who come here to make shitposts and argue with people they kind of know.

Most of the board activity occurs in a main general discussion thread that is normally located near the top of the front page. However, this does not mean that you should limit yourself to just one thread.

Please check the rules before posting: https://www.megidochan.com/rules.html

The image limit for a thread is 250 posts and the post limit for a thread is 751 posts. Enjoy your stay.
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