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Homestuck was never a good story, just a good encyclopedia of story elements with loose coherent unity. 

The art style was always good though, all things considered.

The author's a greedy prick.

The games were bad and should not have been released how they were. The fundraiser was a total scam and I regret having funded it. Audio artist behind the games, James Roach, is a doucher I would not recommend socializing with.

Spinoff paradox space comics during that brief window waiting for the final act, were decent content, wish that had not ended.

The fandom was very average, nothing you couldn't spawn with all existing AI generators and any texts or images from Homestuck, and it will not be missed.

The chanboard is mod-tarded as are the other chanboards related to any topic, and suffer enough censorfucking to warrant not bothering to use any of them regularly or even occasionally.

Tumblr's death was the final nail for this fandom as that was a huge portion of Homestuck's base. These days all Homestuck is is a litmus test for if you know your Internet lore and memes.

Even knowing you all participated in this grand piece of media with me, I feel no relationship or relatability with any of you. We may each be our own unique products of the patterns inside us and around us... but some of us put in more effort than others to call out censorship and abuses of power by moderators for what they are, and you all just meekly play along rather than fight it. So I feel no tie to you cowards, and it is no wonder employers in this world are garbage when people like you all are so weak.

Learn to get along in order to destroy those who abuse their power.

Post whatever you want.
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>>2253 (OP) 
>Post whatever you want.
>>2253 (OP) 
mucho texto
>>2253 (OP) 
>James Roach, is a doucher 
tell me more
>abuses of power by moderators for what they are
free joyrad procyfer
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>>2253 (OP) 
>never a good story, just a good encyclopedia of story elements with loose coherent unity
Replies: >>2311

Homestuck unified a mess of tropes and archetypes and subjects and symbolism into a grid of repetitive yet random patterns of vague story narrative. It started how it ended -clutterfucked. Everyone hated Act 6 because he forced plot progress, abandoned plot threads, and worst of all forced the dialogue. This was not some fall of tumblr or chan culture, it was just an amateur people placed on a pedestal because of how they managed to throw every story element at the wall and make it seem vaguely coherent and original. The final acts merely forced people to observe this.
It would have been better if he just would have quit during act 5 instead of spending 5 years writing a meta commentary about good fans and bad fans of the comic and how actually both are idiots that he hates
Replies: >>2774
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Hussie be all

"I'm a strong independent creator who don't need no fanbase!"

and then ruined his magnum opus conveying this message
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